A Message From The Executive Director....


Dear Friends of People's Health Clinic,


We hope you are safe and well during this unprecedented time.  For over two decades, People's Health Clinic has provided free medical care to those in our community without health insurance. Many of the Clinic's patients are the very people who keep our resort town humming.


By keeping essential workers healthy, we help residents, visitors, and tourists in our community stay healthy. And by protecting our community, especially during this time of COVID-19, PHC is also keeping our economy healthy! 


We will continue our mission by providing COVID-19 vaccines to our most vulnerable, when they become available (see story below).  Thank you for your ongoing support and please remember "Your Support Is Our Life Support." 


Be well and stay safe, 

Beth Armstrong

Beth Armstrong

Executive Director

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The answer is YES they met their goal!

People's Health Clinic is kicking up its heels with pride and gratitude as Walk for 21 - 21 Cheers for 21 Years was a tremendous success!  More than 500 walkers, which included patient families and People's Health Clinic employees, strutted their stuff, sauntered, strolled, and maybe even staggered - all to hit the magic 21 mile goal by August 21st!  


The Clinic is so grateful to its friends of the Clinic for registering, donating and taking part in the silent auction to support People's Health Clinic during this time of COVID-19.  Every donation aids the Clinic in its mission to provide quality healthcare to the uninsured in Summit and Wasatch Counties.  Not able to take part in Walk for 21? 


There is still time to make a donation - click on the link below.  

Thank you! 

Walk For 21 - A Walking Success!


We've Done It!!! 

People's Health Clinic

Is NOW A VFC Clinic

During the last few months People's Health Clinic staff has worked hard to become a qualified VFC-Vaccines for Children - provider.  As a VFC Clinic, the nonprofit can now administer no-cost vaccinations such as; DTAP, MMR, HepA, HepB, HPV, Influenza and others that may be needed to help keep uninsured children in Summit and Wasatch County safe. Vaccines may be given from birth through age 18 years.


Additionally, a VFC standing will now allow People's Health Clinic to receive and dispense COVID-19 vaccines when they become available. "With the imminent arrival of a COVID-19 vaccination, the biggest challenge will be logistics and getting community members vaccinated quickly," said Beth Armstrong, executive director of People's Health Clinic. "Becoming a VFC Clinic is a great accomplishment as it will allow our most vulnerable population to be vaccinated, thus slowing the spread of the virus."


To schedule your child for a vaccine, please call 435-333-1850 or visit www.peopleshealthclinic.org

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Look who's joining our team...

Ms. Jen Meyer joins PHC
to educate diabetes patientes!


Jen Meyer, a registered nurse and diabetes educator, will begin working with People's Health Clinic diabetes patients on October 1, 2020.  She will provide education and coaching on diet and how different foods affect blood sugars, insulin management, and the prevention of complications such as heart and kidney disease, blindness and amputation.  

She will also create a customized care program for each person.  Her position is made possible by a generous donation from the Mairi Leining Family.

"Diabetes is special to me because my eight year old boy was diagnosed with type one at six years," said Jen.  "With the diagnosis of my son I looked at nursing in a different way and wanted to give people with diabetes hope they can live a normal life and manage their disease."

Ms. Meyer is joining the PHC team because many patients with diabetes need further diabetes education to help manage their disease and their risk for complications.  


The goal: for individuals to receive at least 10 hours of education in a year.  Tele-visits and interpretation services will be offered.  


And, the National Charity League will be donating and providing healthy eating goodie bags with recipes and dry goods to each person.  


is Devoted to

connectivity during

Unprecedented Times 

Now more than ever, connectivity has become a vital tool for families to access educational resources for students, important news and information about their community and the world, tele-health
applications, or to stay in touch with family and friends. 

As we continue to navigate these unprecedented times, Comcast is devoting its resources to help support our community to keep people connected to what matters most.

VOTE NOW-Park City's BEST! -People's Health Clinic Best Non-profit!

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Park City's BEST is back and in celebration of Park City and its remarkable offerings, we ask you to VOTE now and designate People's Health Clinic as the Best Nonprofit.


This is your chance to let everyone know that during this time of COVID-19, you understand People's Health Clinic is making a difference in the lives of uninsured individuals and keeping families and community members safe. 


Click on the link below and scroll to the bottom to fill in Park City's Best Nonprofit with People's Health Clinic


Click Here to Vote


Vote now through September 30th.  Results will be published in the Park Record on October 31st

PHC - the Lucky Recipient of Two
Americorps Volunteers 
Maelin and Haley! 

Welcome Maelin and Haley!  People's Health Clinic is fortunate to receive two VISTAs volunteers to work with and support Clinic staff.  


The Americorps Volunteers in Service to America (Americorps VISTA) program is an opportunity for individuals to give back to their communities for an extended amount of time.  In return for their service, VISTAs receive education credit and a small monthly living stipend. PHC has relied on Americorps VISTAs to augment the PHC staff for years.

Maelin Sorenson grew up in Heber, is bilingual and has plans to apply to PA school next year.  Haley Dees grew up in Park City and is currently applying to medical school.  Both serve at the Clinic working in the lab, drawing blood, interpreting, and taking vital signs. They serve as liaisons to our volunteer providers and support staff. 


 "We are so fortunate to have Maelin and Haley with us for the next calendar year to help our Clinic run smoothly," said Rachelle Flinn, clinical services manager.  "When you see them in Clinic, please be sure to thank them for their service!" 

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Thank you for supporting People's Health Clinic during this difficult time. We are so grateful.


Amazon Smile

American Express

Bank of America


Deer Valley Resort

Girls' Giving Fund

George & Delores Eccles Foundation

Intermountain Healthcare

The Leining Family

Marriot Daughters Foundation

Moses Family Charitable Fund

Mountainlands Community Housing Association

National Association of Free Clinics

PC Community Church

PC Community Foundation

PC Community Foundation Municipal

PC Sunrise Rotary Club


Richard & Nancy Marriott Foundation

Beano Solomon

State of Utah

Sundance Family Fund


United Way

Utah Medical Association Foundation

Wasatch County

Whitney Realty Corp

Zions Bank


Thank you to the wonderful donors who provided a wellness lifeline to our patients.  We are so grateful for your gift. 

Aldous, Jennfier
Amann, Scott & Kathleen
Andrea Silver
Apel, Paul & Pamela
Arant, John
Arnost, Nanci
Baker, Janet
Barksdale, Jacqueline
Barnett, Windsor
Barry, John & Tina
Becker, Dagmar
Belinda Grigg
Bergman, Terri
Beth Armstrong
Beth Silvero
Bixner, Diana
Blaszak, Gwendelyn
Bleil, Lynn & Richard
Bob & Vicki Mercer
Boone, Kathy
Boone, Susan
Booth, Maria
Bradley, Maureen
Bremer, Jere
Brenner, Kristin
Brezoveck, Jim & Marilyn
Brigitta Wray
Broadbent, Linsey
Brown, Cynthia
Brown, Greg & Marilyn
Brown, Kristin
Brown, Marie
Brubaker, Caryl
Bryant, Margaret
Buday, Linda
Bullock, Carol
Burgess, Karen
Butwinski, Alex
Callinan, Letitia
Campbell, Jack & Jane
Candy Dwyer
Carleen Haggerty
Carolyn Rutan
Carr, Kristine
Carroll, Pam
Cassity, Kayley
Chad Markle
Chamberlain, Robert
Chmielewski, Chester
Christ, Tasha
Churilla, Kathy
Cindy Jacobs
Clark, Wendy
Cohen, Steve
Collier, Laura
Conaghan, John & Mary
Cook, William
Crosby, Osmond
Cynthia Adams
Daniel Gillenwater
Debbi Cook
Debirah Burns
Deborah Ginder
Devaney, Bob & Betsy
Diane Francis
Dixon, Scott

Donegan, Janet
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Egbert, Kathy
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Evulich, Sondrea
Farnell, Rick & Alix
Fischer Family Charitable Fund
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Flatt, Robert & Letty
Fongealaz, Strike
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Frauenberg, Jamie
Gershen, Rich & Karen Watson
Golden, Helen
Goldthorpe, Marianne
Goodall, Teresa
Greenwald, Bruce & Rona
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Hamilton, Jane
Harrell, Diane
Hawkey, Robert & Lynn
Hedges, Kathleen & Grant
Heller, Jennifer
Henderson, Patty
Hodgman Family Foundation
Hoesley, Sandra
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Hough, Lesa
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Nann Worel 
National Charity League
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Network For Good
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People's Health Clinic
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