We never closed our doors, even with covid on top of our regular everyday clinics caring for the uninsured. 

  • In October 2020 -- we started a new Diabetes Education program and have had excellent results in lowering our patients A1c due to these efforts.

  • We also became a VFC (Vaccines For Children) site at the pandemic's start so that our community's little ones could continue to get their recommended early childhood vaccinations. To schedule your child for a vaccine, please call 435-333-1850.  It’s FREE.  

  • Directly related to the businesses in our community, we offered the "Small Business Testing" program. People's Health Clinic tested 458 people from January 4, 2021, through April 30, 2021. The bulk of these tests (418 tests) occurred before February 5, 2021. The testing was free to small business employees living or working in Summit County exposed to COVID-19 in the workplace.

In December 2020, the Utah Department of Health and Governor Spencer Cox amended the State Public Health Order to modify the 14-day quarantine. Because the majority of cases were emerging within 10 days after an exposure, the quarantine period was shortened to 10 days.

Furthermore, the modification allowed employees who were exposed to COVID-19 to return to work after 7 days in quarantine if they showed no symptoms and had a negative rapid antigen or PCR test. If a test was not available, the individual was required to quarantine for 10 days.

The estimated hours saved due to the early return was quantified with a low estimate of 8 hours a day (24 hours total) and a high estimate of 13-14 hours a day (40 hours total).


​This program was initiated during a critical time during the pandemic response. The steepest increase in cumulative hours saved was immediately realized as the program launched in January 2021. Within the first 30 days, 385 workers tested negative, resulting in a shortened quarantine time. With our estimates, this equated to between 8,000-14,000 hours saved in the first month of the program. By the end of April 2021, the cumulative estimates reached up to 16,800 hours.


Of the 458 individuals tested during the program with worksite exposures, only 38 individuals had a positive test result. The majority of positive cases occurred in January, 2021 which correlated to the peak of the pandemic in Utah.

The willingness of all those with work exposures to be tested and remove themselves from the workplace prevented additional exposures, cases, and illness from occurring in the community. Their actions served the greater good of this community. The individuals that tested negative were able to return to work 3 days early which served the good of the business and individual. Even at a conservative $15 per hour this was $252,000 in Salaries that would have been lost.


We continue to test anyone that wants one here at the clinic.

People’s Health Clinic was instrumental in assisting the setup of the Mass Vaccination Clinic at the Utah Film Studios. We also used our volunteer resources to staff the clinic and provide the manpower to run it throughout its operation.


Since the closing of the mass vaccination site we have continued to vaccinate our patient population here at the clinic with more than 500 vaccinated, with an average of 40 per week.

SOCIAL MEDIA _walk21_Facebook.jpg

Our Women Empowering Women Luncheon was emotionally filled with amazing stories of inspiration and courage. These presentations by Dr. Mairi Leining, Ingrid Moreno (patient) and Molly Jackson our Keynote speaker, not only emphasized the need for People's Health Clinic, but they also affirmed the importance of our guests’ contribution to the Clinic for Women's Health Services. And, YES they were moved and generously gave! We received over $105K in donations-a record for this event!




Because of our guests’ generosity, we are excited to share the following Women's Health Services that started in August:

  • New OB Visits: We will invite pregnant​ women earlier for a prenatal exam at 6-8 weeks rather than wait until 10-12 weeks.  

  • Family Planning Services-We have added same-day contraception services and we are providing our staff with additional contraception counseling education.

  • Parent Education Medical Assistant-We have hired Annalise Hodge, a Medical Assistant and parent educator to help new mothers and mothers with children under the age of 3.

  • Hypertension Program-We have hired Tristan Lubina, DNP, who has started an American Heart Association Hypertension Program to improve blood pressure management at the clinic.

We are delighted to share we have already scheduled next year’s event for July 31st; we are looking forward to again celebrating Women Empowering Women while raising money for our Women’s Health Services! Always remembering:  Wonder Woman is not a fictional character, it’s a mindset!

Walk and Wine for

Women’s Health 2021 Was


As our only in-person fundraiser for the year, the Walk and Wine for Women's Health was a true success!  We are grateful for the 240+ women who participated and relieved the weather cooperated with a day of sunshine for all our hikers!

2IMG-0916 (1).jpg

Thank you to our attendees!

Abbott, Marlene

Adams, Danielle

Align Spa

Amy Christopherson

Andrea Silver

Anne Harris

Arsht, Susan

Backer, Joseph & Marie

Barry, John & Tina

Becker, Dagmar

Beth Jones

Betsy Wallace

Boscheto, Dale & Marilyn

Brandie Revoy

Brea Weiss

Brixner, Diana

Bryant, Margaret

Caitlin Nihon

Carol Hollander

Celia Lewis

Christin Hesse

Cindy Levine

Cindy Price

Connie Nordman

Courtney Levy

Craig Henderson Family Charitable Fund

Cynthia Adams

DD Morgan

Debbi Cook

Deborah Burns

Deborah Morton

Deer Valley Resort

Di Palma Wright, Vanessa

Diana Kerekes

Diane Francis

Diane Senior

Duncan, Sherry

Eileen Serra

Elizabeth Fannon

Elizabeth Sharp

Genie Ratcliffe

Gretchen Hudgens

Hamilton, Jane

Harris, Judie

Hawe, Jayne

Hemped Park City

Hoesley, Sandra

Intermountain Healthcare

Janet Beckman

Janet Love

Jeannine Smith

Jenelle Parnell

Jenna Flemming

Jennifer Fargo

Jennifer Wesselhoff

Jessica Hodge

Jessica Wiltsee

JoBeth Maxwell

Jordan, Rena

June Krigman

Kandi Kutkas

Karen Conway

Kari Scott

Kate Stephenson

Katherine Bergstrom

Kathie Marriott Manangan

Kathleen Amann

Kathryn Clifford

Kathy Reardon

Katy VanPelt

Kelly Brown

Kelly Rogers

Kelly Yeates

KMK Designs

Laura Arnold

Linda Gorton

Linda Tolman

Lisa & Joel Shine

Lisa Berglund

Lisa Mosher

Lisa Saturino

Lisa Signor

Lori Wotterman

Lynne Rutan

Marcey Goldner

Mare Piper

Marie Roberts

Marilee Scrunton

Marion Riley Campbell

Marjorie Budd

Marla Graybill

Melanie Alleavitch

Melanie James

Melissa Filippone

Merrill Lewen

Michele Chuang

Michelle Cone

Miller, Susan

Mindy Martin

Miscellaneous Customers

Monika Guendner

Mosby, Glen

Mrs. Jenny  Dorsey

Mullane, Eileen and Terry

Nancy Santangelo

Nancy Wolf

Nann Worel (C)

Nicole Westover

Nitka, Hilary

Opdyke, Courtney

Pamala Barrett

Pantermuehl, Robert

Patrice Martin

Powers, David & Pattajit

Rauch, Steven & Stacey

Reardon, Coleen

Rhonda Bukoninsky

Richards, Cathy

Roseman, Jodyne

Rosenblum, Carol

Rubell, Gretchen

Sacheko Rochlin

Sally Nadler

Samantha Zilvitis

Sara Wells

Sara Wells

Sarah Sweeney

Schirf, Skip & Elizabeth

Sea to Ski Properties

Sharon Kellner

Sheri Jacobs

Sletta, Carol

Sonja Foster

Sonni Senkfor

Stanna Frampton

Star Finnegan

Stevens, Julie & Ritch

Sue Ann Kern

Sue Carlson

Sugar House Distillery

Summit Sotheby's Int't Realty Caring Fund

Sundance Institute

Sunshine Torczon

Susan Fredston_Hermann

Susan Plomin

Susan Robinson

Susan Robinson

Sylvia Goff

Tarra McDonald

Teri Pyros

Terri Melilli

Terri Yeckley

Tina Pignatelli

Urankar, Richard & Karen

Valerie Mason

Vicki Mar

Wallman, Andrew & Kathleen

Werner, Regina

Whitle, Sally

Williams, Anna

Woll, Pam

Wood, Rebecca

Laura Kappus,
Development Manager

Welcome, Laura - our new part-time Development Manager who recently joined the People's Clinic this Summer. She jumped right into her role and successfully planned and executed the Walk and Wine for Women's Health with a record year of funds raised! A true Wonder Woman! Laura has been a resident of Park City for 23 years and has two children, Athena and Johnny and partner Dale. She joins People's Health Clinic with 25 years of experience in Business & Non-Profit Development and Event Management for companies like Gap Inc, Ernst and Young, University of Utah, and Red Butte Garden. Laura additionally has her own business, Urban Renewal Design, where she consults for various fashion brands and curates those brands through Pop Up boutiques. In addition, she is committed to cultivating her community connections and creating new donor relationships for People's Health Clinic.  

Tristan Lubina,
FNP Nurse Practioner

My name is Tristan Lubina. I'm a Spanish speaking Filipino-American born in Germany, raised in American Fork. I am blessed to have my wife of 8 years, Sarai, and my two children, Emmanuel and Olivia. I received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing through Brigham Young University and my experience as a registered nurse was spent in the intensive care units at Huntsman Cancer Institute and University of Utah Hospital.  I received my Doctor of Nursing Practice through the University of Utah and family nurse practitioner certified through The American Association of Nurse Practitioners.  Also, worked for the VA as a nurse practitioner through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). I am grateful and excited to work alongside those who volunteer their time and knowledge to the underserved/un-insured of Summit County 

Jose (Chicho) Santana,
Medical Assistant/Lab Specialist

My name is Jose Santana, but everyone calls me Chicho! I am a medical assistant at the People's Health Clinic and a phlebotomist at the Park City Hospital. I was born in Mexico and moved to Utah when I was 12 years old. I have lived in Park City for the last 20 years. I graduated from Park City High School and have a bachelor's degree in Biology from the University of Utah with the dream of one day becoming a Physician Assistant. I am proud to be a first-generation high school and college graduate. In my free time, I enjoy the gym and learning new photography styles. I love working at the People's Health Clinic, the staff  and patients inspire me. I'm excited to be here and serve the community. 







AmeriCorps vistas have a goal of “enhancing the volunteer experience” at their place of work. Our AmeriCorps vistas will enhance the experience of our volunteer providers by functioning as medical assistants

Settie Harrison,
AmeriCorps Vista Medical Assistant

Raised in Cleveland, Ohio but lived abroad for 5 years in Abu Dhabi, UAE. I went to Colorado College and graduated in 2020 with a degree in psychology. I am planning on applying to medical schools and PA schools in 2022. My role here at the People's Health Clinic is as an AmeriCorp Vista volunteer. My primary focus is on OB care as well as women's health. I hope to learn more about dermatology during my time at the clinic. In my free time I enjoy being outside with my dogs, riding my horse, skiing and traveling. 

Annalise Hodge,
AmeriCorps Vista Medical Assistant

I call Park City home, but my family has moved to San Diego and more recently Madrid, Spain! I went to Pepperdine University for my undergraduate degree and studied Biology. My dream is to go to Physician Assistant school. I like hiking, traveling and being outside with my dog, Sammy. Here at the clinic, I am the Medical Assistant for pediatrics. I also manage the program Welcome Baby of United Way of Northern Utah here in Summit County. Welcome Baby is a program that provides free home visitation and education for new moms and their babies with the goal of Pre-K and Kindergarten readiness. I love People's Health Clinic and all that we do and it's such an honor to work at such an amazing place with equally as amazing people! 

Shaunicy Sturm,
AmeriCorps Vista Medical Assistant

I was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV, until I moved to Los Angeles, CA, to attend Southern California University. I graduated from USC in 2021 with a BS in Neuroscience and a minor in Entrepreneurship. I moved to Park City, UT, in 2020 and began volunteering with the People's Health Clinic. Now, my role is as an AmeriCorp Vista medical assistant, focusing on women's health, orthopedics, and diabetes care. I also work for Park City Fire Department as an Advanced EMT, and I plan to attend medical school to become a surgeon. I spend almost all of my free time outside, playing sports, riding horses, or reading.


We have added to our
People's Health Clinic Family!

People’s Health Clinic Is Awarded the Point-of-care Diagnostics (PoCECE) Grant 2020/2021

The PoCECE is a multi-year initiative that began in 2017, providing organizations caring for the underserved and vulnerable populations in the U.S. with essential point of care diagnostic testing tools allowing clinician to evaluate patients on site and get diagnostic test results before they leave the clinic. The program is funded by Becton, Dickinson and Company, a leading global medical technology company in conjunction with Heart to Heart International and the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics (NAFC).

In part of the continued effort to support and improve evidence-based care in free and charitable clinics, they announced product-based grants to six clinics across the U.S. through the PoCECE program.

Each Grant consists of Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment-waived point-of-care test system consisting of instruments and quality control to perform the following tests:

Cholesterol, LDL, HDL, Triglycerides, Macroscopic Urinalysis, Microalbumin, INR, Hemoglobin A1c, Strep A, HIV, Rapid Hepatitis C, Pregnancy, Flu A & B and RSV. The grant also includes technical support consisting of standard operating procedures, equipment set up and configuration, competency training and documentation.

By utilizing these laboratory tools, the People’s Health Clinic can deliver timely lab results and are ultimately able to positively impact the diagnoses and health care for thousands of people in the Summit and Wasatch counties.

The Following Services Are NOW Available In Person At

People's Health Clinic

  • Ophthalmology

  • Physical Therapy

  • Preventative Physical Exams

  • Preventative Women’s Health Exams

  • Contraception/family Planning Care

  • Mental Health Services

  • Immunizations services (for adults and children)

  • Laboratory Services

  • OB services

  • Pediatric Visits

Who Are Providing A New Sub-specialty Service

Dr. Kate Püttgen
Volunteer Physician

A pediatric and general dermatologist, working for Intermountain since January 2019, She received her undergraduate degree from Sewanee, The University of the South, graduating summa cum laude, and earned her medical doctorate at the Emory University School of Medicine. She completed her Dermatology residency training at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, where she served as chief resident. She then completed her subspecialty fellowship training in Pediatric Dermatology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, where she joined the faculty for 12 years after completing her fellowship. Before joining Intermountain Healthcare, she worked as an Associate Professor of Dermatology and Pediatrics and served as Division Chief and Fellowship Director for Pediatric Dermatology at Johns Hopkins; she is now an Adjunct Associate Professor of Dermatology at Johns Hopkins. In addition, Dr. Püttgen was Co-Director of the Johns Hopkins Vascular Anomalies Center, caring for patients with complex vascular birthmarks. Her interests and expertise include infantile hemangiomas, vascular anomalies, birthmarks, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, burn and traumatic scars, neonatal dermatology, pediatric lichen sclerosis and acne. She is a nationally recognized expert in laser and surgical treatments for Pediatric Dermatology patients. Dr. Püttgen is board certified in Dermatology and sub-specialty boarded in Pediatric Dermatology by the American Board of Dermatology and is a specialty fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. She has published extensively in prominent medical journals and textbooks and had lectured extensively nationally and internationally.



The Clinic has the pleasure of having dermatologist, Dr. Karen Stolman to provide Skin Cancer Screening.



People’s Health Clinic will be providing mammograms to all patients on October 4th and 28th 

Via the Huntsman mobile mammogram


Exciting news on our

Diabetes Education Program

October 1st, 2021

will be the 1st anniversary of the

People's Health Clinic Diabetes Program!

We have had amazing results in lowering our patients A1c due to these efforts. Certified by the American Diabetes Associated, the Diabetes Program has enrolled 145 patients in the past year and has demonstrated a significant improvement in multiple patient outcomes.   The American Diabetes Association Education Recognition Program has invited PHC to give a national webinar on diabetes management in an underserved population.



On November 5th, 2021

we will once again join the

Park City Community Foundation


the annual day of giving.

Thank you to everyone who contributed this past
November to our most successful fundraising effort to date.
With your tremendous generosity, we raised $116,160!

DONATE 11.5.21


Thank you for your generous and ongoing support of People’s Health Clinic. It is with your support you make a significant difference in the lives of the uninsured in our community.

Please consider shopping at AmazonSmile and selecting People’s Health Clinic as your charity. Amazon will donate .05% of your eligible purchases at no additional cost to you.



Monthly Giving

Become a monthly donor and simplify your giving with automatic monthly donations from a credit card or checking account. Change, pause or cancel your gift at any time.



Comcast Reaches 10-Year Milestone for Low-income Internet Program in Utah

Celebrating the Internet Essentials program

10th anniversary, Comcast will invest $1 billion over the next 10 years to further close the digital divide and give more low-income Americans the tools they need to succeed in an increasingly digital world.  

 In 10 years, we’ve connected 160,000 low-income Utahns to broadband Internet service at home as we worked together with our network of thousands of nonprofit partners throughout Utah. 

We’re excited to unveil new plans to support low-income residents across the state with more digital tools and resources over the next decade. 

Comcast’s $1 billion commitment will include investments in several critical areas, including:  

  • Additional support for the Lift Zone initiative, which establishes WiFi-connected safe spaces in 35 community centers in Utah for students and adults by the end of 2021  

  • Funding for new laptop and computers  

  • Financial grants for nonprofit community organizations to create opportunities for low-income Utahns, particularly in media, technology, and entrepreneurship 

  • Continued investment in the company’s landmark Internet Essentials program.

 These new commitments will impact hundreds of thousands in Utah.

 “Comcast’s investment in Utah’s digital connectivity future is remarkable,” said Utah Gov. Spencer J. Cox. “Helping to close the digital divide so everyone has Internet access in Utah is paramount.” 

 Our commitments are projected to impact as many as 50 million Americans over the next 10 years. In 2021 alone, Comcast estimates students across America will complete more than 25 million hours of remote learning lessons to further address the “homework gap” at the hundreds of Lift Zone locations nationally and 35 Utah Lift Zones that have already opened or will open soon. 

 “Ten years is a remarkable milestone, signifying an extraordinary amount of collaboration with our incredible community partners across Utah,” said Deneiva Knight, director of external affairs at Comcast. “Together, we have been able to connect tens of thousands of Utahns to the power of the Internet at home and to the endless opportunity, education, growth, and discovery it provides. Today, we are rededicating ourselves to this mission to ensure that Utah’s next generation of students has the tools, resources, and abilities to succeed in an increasingly digital world.” 

 For more information on this announcement and Comcast’s Internet Essentials 10-year anniversary and $1 billion please visit our official headquarters site


People’s Health Clinic Earns a 2021 Gold Rating from the NAFC Quality Standards Program

We are proud to announce that People’s Health Clinic has earned a 2021 Gold rating from the National Association of the Free and Charitable Clinics. The NACF’s mission is to ensure the medically underserved has access to affordable health care. As a member of the NAFC, People’s Health Clinic met the Quality Standards formalized by the NAFC.

Our Clinic attested/pledged that we successfully incorporate these standards within our organization. 581 NAFC members have earned ratings in this inaugural year of launching the Standards Program. Of that, 68% received a gold rating, 17% received a silver rating, and 15% received a bronze rating.

NAFC Quality Standards elements include policies and procedures related to the following areas:

  • Administrative 

  • Enhanced Access and Continuity of Care

  • Identifying and Managing Patient Population information

  • Planning and Managing Care

  • Providing Self-Care Support and Community Resources

  • Tracking and Coordinating Care

  • Measuring and Improving Performance

This allows our Clinic to showcase the quality care we provide on a national level. 

Thank you for supporting People's Health Clinic

during this difficult time.

We are so grateful!


Amazon Smile

Bargowski, Craig

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