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Vote yes on Medicaid expansion


Every day at People's Health Clinic I encounter individuals who live in our community who go without health insurance. Most of these people work at least one and many two or more jobs. 


Executive Director Beth Armstrong of People's Health Clinic and Dr. Barbara Wirostko of the University of Utah talk about the Clinic's upcoming event featuring a Sundance Film and free eye exams. The event takes place on March 8th.


Guest editorial: People’s Health Clinic can help fight diabetes epidemic

Many people think because we live in Park City, everyone is healthy and fit, no one goes without healthcare or doctor visits, and national epidemics like diabetes aren't an issue. They are wrong. 


Guest editorial: People’s Health Clinic is a shining light in Park City

I have had private OB/GYN practices in Seattle, WA, Pasadena, CA and most recently Houston, TX. When the opportunity arose for us to move to Park City, Utah it was a dream come true.


Nonprofits’ combined visions create evening of eye and film screenings.

Barbara Wirostko, M.D., adjunct professor of ophthalmology at the University of Utah and an eye doctor at the Moran Eye Center at Kimball Junction, wanted to do something vision-health related for the Park City community.


Kids not wanting to brush their teeth is one problem, but kids not knowing how or not having the resources is an even bigger issue.

The People's Health Clinic hopes to change that.


Christian said that Park City is a great location because there are not many psychiatrists here, but also because there is an increasing awareness of mental health problems. She currently volunteers at the Clinic.


People's Health Clinic aims to hit diabetes where it hurts. Awareness fair to educate, sign up people for Affordable Care Act coverage.


Nonprofits will benefit from Live PC Give PC. The People's Health Clinic has come a long way from its humble beginnings in a van to a facility located at Quinn's Junction. Last year, the nonprofit offered services to 8,500 patient visits, said Executive Director Beth Armstrong.


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