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New People's Health Clinic Medical Director

Brings Years of Experience to Role

By Carolyn Murray, KPCW • April 16, 2021

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This week, Dr. Mairi Leining is taking on the role of medical director at the People's Health Clinic after the retirement of longtime PHC staffer John Hanrahan.

Leining worked on staff with the clinic for two years and comes from the Park City Hospital, where she led the intensive care unit and worked as a hospitalist. Leining said global health had been a longtime passion and her work at the Park City Hospital inspired her to make the move to the People's Health Clinic, which serves uninsured patients across Summit and Wasatch counties.

"I did work as a hospitalist for 15 years, the past eight at the Park City hospital where I really saw the impact of the People’s Health Clinic on the community, especially when I was taking care of uninsured members of the community that otherwise wouldn't have had follow-up,” she said. “And that reignited my interest in taking care of underserved populations. And so, two years ago, I made the decision to transition over to the People's Health Clinic full time, and I've never been more fulfilled as a provider."

Leining said Hanrahan provided the vision at the clinic's inception in 1999. She said the need for no-cost health care is essential in a resort-based community that relies on the working class to keep businesses running.

"We have to take into account that we have a migrant population both through the ski industry and also as undocumented residents come in and provide the working backbone of our community,” Leining said. “And they need to have a resource for basic healthcare, which wouldn't exist if it were not for Dr. Hanrahan's incredible insight. So, my job is easy from that standpoint that he has created this incredible infrastructure and framework over the past 22 years, and I get to come in and expand our programming to meet this growing need." 

Hanrahan commended Leining's work establishing a diabetes program last year. He said the data on the diabetes patients is encouraging.

"We just got our first six months report on our metrics and our diabetic patients are doing dramatically better since we instituted a much more expanded program for diabetes,” Hanrahan said. “I think we will see her expand that kind of programming into other chronic diseases like hypertension and obesity, and  hyperlipidemia. So I'm thrilled that she's coming on board and has this capacity and ability to really expand our programming and view it from a public health perspective."  

Leining said there are social determinants of health, such as poverty and unemployment, that can cause chronic conditions.  

"You'll end up seeing obesity from having decreased access to healthy foods, and increased blood pressure, increased risk of heart disease, increases in diabetes,” she said. “And so, for this population, in particular, it's critically important that we have good primary health care in place to help keep people out of the hospital."

Leining said the clinic could use more volunteers with expertise in the medical subspecialties.

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People’s Health Clinic co-founder announces retirement
John Hanrahan plans to step down in April


Summit County News/Park Record

Dr. John Hanrahan, co-founder and current medical director of People’s Health Clinic, announced this week that he is retiring effective April 15.

Hanrahan co-founded People’s Health Clinic in 1999 with Pastor Bob Bussen, then the priest at St. Mary’s Church, and others who were concerned about the number of individuals in Park City who did not have access to quality medical care due to lack of insurance. 


People's Health Clinic Celebrates 21 Years

Leslie Thatcher, KPCW
People's Health Clinic hosted a grand finale Friday for their Walk For 21 fundraising event. Between August 1st and 21st, supporters walked 21 miles in 21 days to support the 21 years PHC has been in operation.

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$1M donation will fund endowment for People’s Health Clinic - ‘Incredible gift creates a remarkable foundation to build upon,’ executive director says


Summit County News/Park Record

People’s Health Clinic on Tuesday announced a $1 million gift made by Park City resident Elizabeth “Beano” Solomon to create The John Hanrahan Medical Director Endowment for the Summit County nonprofit. The bequest is intended to build a cornerstone that will lead to additional community contributions to the endowment and ensure that the 21-year-old clinic is sustained far into the future.

125PHC Logo LARGE for signs.jpg.png


People's Health Clinic Named as Community Health Hero

Leslie Thatcher, KPCW 

The People’s Health Clinic was named as one of three Community Health Heroes from more than a thousand submissions made from across the country. 

This year, for the first time ever, Reader’s Digest magazine launched a health-focused extension of a program it runs in partnership with Life Extension Magazine. The Community Health Heroes search was to find those American “heroes” who are committed to supporting and inspiring their communities to live healthier lives.



Free rapid testing now available to Summit County businesses, employees

All county businesses are eligible

Jack Dempsey, Park Record

As of Monday, free rapid COVID-19 tests are available to all businesses in Summit County and their employees.

The program, first announced last month, is a partnership among Summit County, Park City, People’s Health Clinic and the Park City Chamber/Bureau.


Executive Director Beth Armstrong of People's Health Clinic and Dr. Barbara Wirostko of the University of Utah talk about the Clinic's upcoming event featuring a Sundance Film and free eye exams. The event takes place on March 8th.

Virus Studies

Summit County's Medical Reserve Corps is seeking volunteers to help distribute the COVID-19 vaccine

Potential volunteers do not need medical training

Alexander Cramer, Summit County Park Record

There is a network of 40 or so volunteers in Summit County who have signed up to help their fellow citizens during times of emergency, a medical reserve corps made up of medical professionals and those without special training who decided to be of service when the community requires it.



Park City Nonprofit Highlight:

People's Health Clinic

Shelby Hintz, Colony PR

According to the latest Census data, 9.5% of people living in Summit County are without health insurance. Even for healthy and financially secure people, a health emergency can spell disaster. People’s Health Clinic is looking to help bridge that gap.



Vote yes on Medicaid expansion


Every day at People's Health Clinic I encounter individuals who live in our community who go without health insurance. Most of these people work at least one and many two or more jobs. 


Guest editorial: People’s Health Clinic can help fight diabetes epidemic

Many people think because we live in Park City, everyone is healthy and fit, no one goes without healthcare or doctor visits, and national epidemics like diabetes aren't an issue. They are wrong. 


Guest editorial: People’s Health Clinic is a shining light in Park City

I have had private OB/GYN practices in Seattle, WA, Pasadena, CA and most recently Houston, TX. When the opportunity arose for us to move to Park City, Utah it was a dream come true.


Nonprofits’ combined visions create evening of eye and film screenings.

Barbara Wirostko, M.D., adjunct professor of ophthalmology at the University of Utah and an eye doctor at the Moran Eye Center at Kimball Junction, wanted to do something vision-health related for the Park City community.


Kids not wanting to brush their teeth is one problem, but kids not knowing how or not having the resources is an even bigger issue.

The People's Health Clinic hopes to change that.


Christian said that Park City is a great location because there are not many psychiatrists here, but also because there is an increasing awareness of mental health problems. She currently volunteers at the Clinic.


People's Health Clinic aims to hit diabetes where it hurts. Awareness fair to educate, sign up people for Affordable Care Act coverage.


Nonprofits will benefit from Live PC Give PC. The People's Health Clinic has come a long way from its humble beginnings in a van to a facility located at Quinn's Junction. Last year, the nonprofit offered services to 8,500 patient visits, said Executive Director Beth Armstrong.