Thanks to the compassionate supporters and volunteers of People’s Health Clinic, we are helping to build a healthier community one patient at a time. When people come to us for care, our dedicated staff and volunteers look at more than just the problem at hand. Instead, we look at all areas of a person’s health to determine how best to help each individual. Because a variety of healthcare disciplines join forces to provide innovative, whole person care, our patients have the opportunity to live healthy, productive lives and pursue their dreams. People’s Health Clinic has worked hard over the past seventeen years to earn the trust of those we serve and those who support us. The positive impact we have on lives is a direct reflection of our community’s generosity that allows us to provide needed health care and education to those most vulnerable in our community. Without financial support and gifts of time and expertise, our work would not be possible.

Executive Director, Beth Armstrong

Other Ways to Make a Difference

Recurring Donations

Recurring donations give the People’s Health Clinic a steady income to count on throughout the year. Choose weekly, monthly or annually on the donation form and we will charge the card of your choice at the intervals you specify. You can choose any amount you wish. You can choose to make a recurring donation on our Donate Now page – be sure to check the proper option when  filling out the form.


In-Kind Donations

We greatly value in-kind donations such as time and service. To donate services such as publicity or medical services, contact Beth Armstrong, Executive Director at 435.333.1875.

Medical Supplies

The Clinic is currently well-stocked with medical supplies such as braces and crutches. Our Clinic Services Manager can evaluate whether medications or other supplies you may wish to donate will be useful. No expired medications please. Please call Rachelle at 435.333.1872 for more information.

Children’s Books

We welcome donation of books in good condition for the Clinic’s Reach Out and Read Program. We give children’s books to our young patients, and any other books in good condition may be dropped off at Atticus Books and Tea to be sold for the Clinic’s benefit. Please call Beth at 435.333.1875 for more information.

Wish List

There are a number of items that the Clinic needs to help us provide efficient, high quality healthcare. If you can help with any of these items or have questions, please call Beth at 435.333.1875.